Hopetown Art Mural

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Hopetown Murale: HOPE


Expressions with Art has created a unique work of art for the residents at an East London Women’s Shelter.

Expression with art Project was set up in 2013 with funds from the NHS East London. The project has culminated in it is first year with this beautiful mural. The mural was a collective effort including professional artists with art group member and Hopetown residents all contributed to the mural, which has transformed a blank wall in to something both visually studding and uplifting.

Much of the credit for marketing it happen must go to Expressions with Art Project Co-ordinator Phillip Singh whose presence before, during and after was instrumental in getting this done.


The mural initially commissioned by Dawn Richards of Salvation Army, Hope town Women’s Hostel and subsequently taken on by Look Ahead who now run the hostel. Dawn said on seeing the mural “I got emotional when I saw the fabulous work going on assisting Hope Town. May I pass on my sincere thanks to you and your team for all that you have done with the centre and the ladies there”.



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